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TV Advertising
Our dedicated team of media professionals design successful TV media plan ensuring maximum visibility and reach whether it is a local or a national media channel.
Radio Advertising
A.D. Release is one of the top radio advertising agency in Nepal offering attractive rates in radio advertising services in terms of news packages and loose spots.
Cinema Advertising
Cinema Advertising also called as Digital Theatre Advertising is one of the most effective medium to connect with a large number of audience.
Media Planning & Placement
Our priority remains in providing unique media plan and placement for every client to ensure nationwide reach and maximum visibility.
Media Monitoring
With our designated monitoring team, we keep track of all our releases and provide timely update to our clients on their branding as well as commercial releases.
A.D. Release has also been broadcasting different programs, such as serials, live telecast of national and international events, live interaction programs.
Publicity & Public Relations
In relation to Publicity and Public relations, A.D. Release channelizes all resources and approach to reach general public and classes, across the country.
Our Production team handles media and content production for our clients from idea creation, conceptualization to the final delivery of the content.
Digital Media Marketing
We help to make your brand visible through aston branding, TVC placement, Aston branding and/or in-program placement.
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